Ever at the forefront of progress, we are constantly taking on board the latest technologies, investing in state-of-the-art digital equipment.


This robust CAD-CAM system combining scanning with design software is the only way to meet your future needs.The articulator holder can be used to insert the articulator into the E scanner and scan the bite directly. In short the advantages of Generation Red offer very high quality scanning and numerous advanced scanning features for greater:

Speed :

Fast scanning of a plaster model in 17 seconds.

Accuracy : 

Greater accuracy in line with ISO standards: its new technology captures impressions with an accuracy of 4 µm.

100% open STL :

Data can be exported in 100% open STL file format for processing by another CAD-CAM system. These advantages mean that we are free to devote more time to our passion, as well as taking our lab to the next level!


Whether you are new to digital dentistry and looking for a solution to get started or already a fully digital dentist. Award-winning intraoral scanners include powerful features such as wireless functionality, a flexible MOVE setup to engage patients, and an unrivalled open ecosystem. A collaborative platform allows you to securely share your intraoral scans, case details and designs. That makes your workflows faster and more efficient, while also improving team work to achieve better results.


Our 3D Asiga PRO 4K printer is equipped with a high-definition projector with a large build area and the same production quality as the Asiga MAX.

SPS technologies

Asiga’s unique SPS® process guarantees every layer is formed accurately in the shortest possible time, making the PRO-4K ideal for making medical devices where accuracy is essential.

100% open

A genuine production printer, the Asiga PRO-4K is ideal for volume model production. 100% open to third-party materials, it can meet any kind of demand. The Composer software allows us to adjust all the settings to use all the compatible resins on the market and to carry out fast, simplified preparation.

Printing service also available to hearing aid dispensers.


Laser welding is a welding technique that uses a laser beam to fuse metal parts together. Below you will find an overview of some of the characteristics of micro laser welding.

The advantages of laser welding are:

Possibility of welding microscopic components. High precision fine welding. Small HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) implying a limited impact on the surrounding area. Possibility of connecting different materials.The welded connections are perfectly sealed and can withstand high loads