CAD-CAM allows us to perform at the cutting edge of the orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics industry.

Biocompatible appliances are constantly improving, already eliminating the need to schedule appointments to trial-fit braces and offering a wide choice of specialist dental orthotics such as PULs, functional appliances, fixed appliances and thermoformed devices.

Our main objective is to make high quality custom medical devices. To achieve that goal, first of all, we use laser welding, which guarantees reliability and accuracy. Second, we use only the best materials meeting Swiss and European standards.

Receipt of digital impressions

ORTHOFICIENCE SA has been using 3D digital techniques since 2015, investing consistently in the most advanced technologies. We are fully equipped (with 3D scanners and 3D printers) to accompany you on the digital orthodontics adventure. We are able to receive your STL files from all types of cameras, via our SharePoint cloud and Teams, which we can then simply share (data center in Switzerland)

Direct and indirect CAD-CAM

Advances due to digital programme are constantly improving the creation of new CAD-CAM processes :


Braces Custom CAD-CAM for all fixed appliances: lingual arch, expander, tongue guard, quadhelix, etc. . Thanks to our new range of appliances, you’ll be able to forget about scheduling appointments to trial-fit braces and separators, so you can save chair time and achieve total patient satisfaction.

Appliances CAD-CAM: cemented splint appliance, lingual bar, all types of Class II and III corrective orthotics (Herbst appliances, PUL 1, 2, 3, W and adjustable TWIN with clinical validation, twin block, the Optimax Global, etc.)


Indirect bonding trays from your digital impressions: we position your brackets. Once the positioning of the brackets is validated, we make the bonding trays. Save chair time.Accurate bonding. Comfort for patient and practitioner

Progressive aligners EFFICIENCE-LIGN

Our comfortable, effective aligners are tailored to fit perfectly and be invisible (relapse, rotation, closure of diastema, etc.). We make a CAD virtual set-up, which determines the displacements needed. Following your instructions, the displacements to be made are sequenced into a certain number of aligners to be used by the patient, avoiding any pain.

100% biocompatible, Swiss made TRIOS® approved, Medit Link, Connect Case Center Inbox, MyItero


Thermoformed splints, 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm, resin plate, flat round or braided bonded wires our retainers guarantee perfect stability of your treatments.

3D printing for surgeries and laboratories

We offer several types of 3D printing from 50 microns, to suit your needs, precision, aesthetics, heat resistance, reduced manufacturing costs.


Precise 3D digitisation of mouldings offers numerous advantages: space saving, simplicity of use, we can also archive these records on a secure, dedicated cloud.